T.F.V. ‘Professor Francken’

De Technisch Fysische Vereniging ‘Professor Francken’ is de Groningse studievereniging voor technische natuurkunde, verbonden aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. De vereniging is vernoemd naar de eerste hoogleraar technische natuurkunde in Groningen en is dan ook gericht op studenten en medewerkers van de vakgroepen technische natuurkunde. De vereniging heeft ruim 700 leden en organiseert onder andere binnenlandse excursies en jaarlijks een symposium en een buitenlandse reis. Een aantal activiteiten, zoals de introductie voor eerstejaars en de Bèta-bedrijvendagen, wordt in samenwerking met zusterverenigingen georganiseerd. Het lidmaatschap is een must voor technisch georiënteerde studenten.

Wat is Francken?

Ben je benieuwd wie wij zijn? Wil je weten wat technische natuurkunde is? Of ben je geïnteresseerd in actief worden binnen de vereniging? Hier vind je alle informatie die je nodig hebt.



Bereid je tentamen voor door te oefenen met oude tentamens en uitwerkingen, of natuurlijk door naar de door Francken georganiseerde oefensessies te gaan. Praat mee over de opleiding en laat jouw stem gelden in het NSOS!



Wat te doen na je studie? De academische wereld in, of juist het bedrijfsleven? Kijk hier voor carriere-oriënterende activiteiten zoals lezingen en bedrijvenexcursies.


Crash & Compile

Wie is Sjieuwe?

Sjoerd Meesters, better known as Sjieuwe, has been active at T.F.V. ‘Professor Francken’ for already 8 years. He studies Physics and was treasurer of board ‘Binnenstebuiten’. He has been active in many committees and even organised the foreign trip to India!

Competitive coding
Some three weeks ago, the s[ck]rip(t|t?c)ie (hereinafter referred to as the scriptcie), organised a new and fully automated crash and compile. For those that attended the event, the previous sentence might make some sense, for those that missed the event, I will elaborate. In short a crash and compile is a competition where contestants have to solve problems of varying degrees of difficulty, using small scripts or programmes. This in short describes the compile part of the competition. Should your programme fail to compile, fail to run or yield an incorrect answer, then you cross over to the crash part of the competition, i.e. you have to drink.

A new way of crashing
This edition of the crash and compile brought a lot of new features, that helped us smooth out the event and more importantly allowed us to gather statistics. This time the contested started by logging in to a customly made terminal, where they entered the text-based world of POKéMON, starting off in front of their mother’s house in PALLET TOWN. The contestants then had the opportunity to walk around by typing right, left and similar commands. On their way through the world they had ample opportunity to encounter exercises, POKéMON, and even some easter eggs. The exercises rewarded points for the programming rankings, whereas the POKéMON would award challenge points, when caught. Sometimes (read: often), a team would encounter an ADTATA, which meant they had to drink. All emptied (alcoholic) drinks could be exchanged for points in the crash rankings. This in short explains the basis of the entire event.

Figure 1: For those that were wondering, this is an ADTATA.

Looking back
Looking back at the event, I can say that we are very pleased with ourselves. We managed to procure a very nice location (Quintor), with food, beer and some pretty awesome prizes. If you want to get the essence of the event, you can take a look at the pictures. Our server (Kathinka-bot), which ran the entire event, never crashed, but we did have to call to Francken a few times and ask the people drinking there to wiggle the ethernet cable in order to regain connection. The automated system meant that we spent most of the evening at the bar drinking beers, as we barely had to step in. The entire system was built in-house, which means that even though we didn’t have to do a lot during the event, we spent a lot of time coding and testing everything the weeks before. I’m actually quite happy that we didn’t use crash and compile rules during those weeks. Examples of things we made include: a grid editor to aid in making the maps, a terminal that allows the end user to walk through the maps, random POKéMON encounters, the storyline and a logging system that allows us to present a bunch of interesting statistics.

Figure 2: Committee being busy

And now for some statistics, so that we can answer some questions you never asked us. In the end 11 teams correctly answered a total of 73 questions. The contestants had to drink a total of 295 times, which resulted in 86 empty glasses (3 drinks in each glass) or 172 POKéBALLS for the contestants. The teams encountered a total of 193 POKéMON of which 120 resulted in a DRINK! (54 ADTATAs, 41 ZUIPBATs, 13 PINTEYs and others). In total 65 POKéMON (26 unique ones) were caught of which the Compucie caught 17 making them the best POKéMON catcher, closely followed by YpkeYpkeGuusGuus with 16 POKéMON. Henk, IceT and DigimonHoog only caught one POKéMON, which is the PIKADCHU they got from the professor. The best explorer has to be CPD, who travelled a total of 795 steps, followed by Lego with 467 steps. All teams combined walked a total of 4105 steps. We’re currently expanding the way were gathering statistic, so after next time we should be able to spam you with more useless data.

November 4 - Practice Session Electricity and Magnetism 2

The final practice session of this period will be a practice session for the Electricity and Magnetism 2 exam. On Friday November 4 from 12:00 till 15:00 o’clock we will make sure that there is enough coffee, tea and cake to stimulate your brains and improve your concentration. Make sure to be there in room V5161.0105 located in the Bernoulliborg. Good luck with the last exam!

November 3 - Practice Session Calculus 1

On Thursday November 3 there will be a practice session for the Calculus 1 exam. Make sure to be there to test your Calculus skills. From 10:00 till 13:00 o’clock there will be free coffee, tea and cake! The session will be held in room V5161.0105 located in the Bernoulliborg. Good luck on your exams!

November 2 - Practice Session Quantum Physics 1

Besides the first year courses, T.F.V. ‘Professor Francken’ also organises practice sessions for the Applied Physics courses of the second year. On Wednesday November 2 from 10:00 till 13:00 o’clock there will be a practice session for the Quantum Physics 1 exam. The session will be held in room V5161.0267 located in the Bernoulliborg. As usual there will be plenty of free coffee, tea and cake!

October 31 - Practice Session Mechanics 1

As usual T.F.V. ‘Professor Francken’ will organise practice sessions for first year Applied Physics courses. After the great succes of the first Relativity practice session we will now focus on the next exam on the schedule: Mechanics 1.  On Monday October 31 from 10:00 till 13:00 o’clock there will be a practice session for the Mechanics 1 exam. The session will be held in room V5161.0253 located in the Bernoulliborg. We’ll make sure there is plenty of free coffee, tea and cake!

October 19 - Magnus lecture

To get a good impression of possibilities for your future, after you have finished your study here, every year a few companies come to visit us and tell something about working at that company.

The first company that will visit us this academic year is Magnus. Magnus is a consulting firm with an emphasis on Technology and IT solutions. They work for exciting and well known clients such as Endemol, Hunkemöller and WE fashion. While designing and implementing innovative processes at companies, Magnus also works together with these companies on different topics such as change management, customer retention, big data and IoT. After an introduction about Magnus and about how the speakers ended up working there, a Google Glass business case will be discussed to show what being a consultant at Magnus would be like. After this program, you are very welcome to stay for some free drinks and delicious snacks! Since the main spoken language at Magnus is Dutch, also the lecture will be held in Dutch.



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